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Photo by Blue Line Photography


Hi there, I am Tara Lerch (your next photographer)! 


My love for photography goes all the way back to when I was a little kid. I went from that pestering friend in school that photographed everything and everyone, to photography school in Massachusetts. After graduation I worked for photographers in Philadelphia, my local newspaper, and I became a food and commercial photographer; all while squeezing in family sessions whenever I could. Over the past 16 years I have had the opportunity to grow my passion into a full time career. I really love photographing newborn babies, families and capturing those magical moments on your wedding day . Something about creating lasting friendships and photographing all the milestones makes my heart incredibly happy.

Ultimately, I am a Mom, a wife, a sister and a daughter, I totally get what you are going through. My goal is not only create beautiful images and freeze time for you, but to create a fun experience and make you feel extremely comfortable! I know from personal experience that it can be stressful getting your family ready for photos. A newborn won't sleep, your child rubs their body up against the dirty car or you wake up with a weird blemish on your wedding day. Rest assured that will we will work together to make sure everyone is smiling during these photos and having fun! 

Tidbits about me: 

• I am a Mama of two littles, Connor & Cora, and a wife to Travis - my family is my everything

• I despise online shopping, I like to feel and touch all the things!  

• I am in love with our dog, Coco. She is honestly thought of as my third child. 

• I love Jesus, coffee & music (look into Judah and the Lion)! 

• I strive for health and wellness, but I am a foodie at heart! Especially anything made by my Mom. 

• If it were up to me, I would sell everything I own & live at the beach! 


I truly look forward to meeting you! 



Tara Lerch

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